Rustan Håkansson photo
Rustan Håkansson, photo by Crelle

Calundur is the calendar for all public events.

You can quickly and easily discover specific types of events and subscribe to all future events matching that selection, directly into your digital calendar. You can also subscribe to an organization, or part of an organization.

Free searches and organizations can easily be published on other websites in a way that fits in well, with a widget that automatically updates with future events. You create it directly from the search or organization, you do not even need an account on Calundur to do this.

Editors can add and edit any events. The data is free, CC-BY-SA. To become an editor you create an account and add an event or a couple. When a community manager has reviewed your event (to see that you are not a spambot) you will be approved as an editor. Everyone who is interested in any type of events can be an editor, you do not need to be an event organizer.

The exceptions from the wiki system are events and organizations that the organizer has committed to keep updated. Contact us to become Premium Organizer.


Calundur is available in 39 languages, primary language for over 50% of the world population and primary or secondary for over 70%. Anyone who reads any of these languages; local population, tourist or immigrant; can understand what is happening in an area or a field of interest and participate in the community. Combined with the the structured data this allows for flexible exploration of events like no other system. Any website that uses Calundur to present event event listings can easily use the language support to make their information more accessible.


Calundur was founded by CEO Rustan Håkansson in March 2015, in Norrköping, Sweden, and was launched on May 28, 2015. Rustan has started, run and expanded several businesses; organized events and conferences of many types; been a politician and teacher; and continues to design successful board games in his spare time.

Calundur has 3 great advisors, Fredrik Niemelä, Scott Alden and Karl Wennberg.

Partner testimonial

”With Calundur we have a tool to publish our events that is both easy to use and fast. Moreover, we can control how the events are presented.”
Tommy Jansson, Coordinator web and technology, Norrköpings Stadsbibliotek

Fine print

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Photo of earth at night on the front page for not logged in: NASA Goddard Photo and Video / CC BY


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