Calundur is now accessible to over 70% of the world population

Calundur is available in 39 languages, primary language for over 50% of the world population and primary or secondary for over 70%. There are several ways to influence what language is show:
* The system automatically detects your language based on your settings in your operating system or browser
* You change language, either the selection in the top right of every page or on your account settings when you are logged in
* When content fron Calundur is shown in a widget on another website, the person setting up that widget choose what languages to make available

Anyone who reads any of these languages; local population, tourist or immigrant; can understand what is happening in an area or a field of interest and participate in the community. Combined with the the structured data this allows for flexible exploration of events like no other system. Any website that uses Calundur to present event event listings can easily use the language support to make their information more accessible.

The interface and especially the categorizations are all translated into these 39 languages. Event and organization descriptions are written by the editors, and is not translated by the system. But editors can add translations to these descriptions in a very flexible way, using one, two or many languages and choosing what is shown depending on the language the users has.