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Descriptions for multiple languages:
When you write descriptions for events and organizations the simplest option is to just write in one language, then that text will be shown to everyone. But if you want to show different text to different users you can do this by using this structure (between the stars, the stars are not included) :
This text will be displayed for all languages.
=== sv ===
Some Swedish text goes here.
=== fr ===
Some French text goes here.
=== es ===
Some Spanish text goes here.
=== other ===
Text in some generic language (e.g. English) goes here.
=== all ===
This part will be displayed for all languages.
Top and bottom part are likely omitted in most cases. "other" is best used for English. So normal use where you have one local language and also want to include English is like this:

=== sv ===
Swedish text
=== other ===
English text

Available language codes are the same as the languages available in the selector in the top right corner:
 English (English): en
 Swedish (Svenska): sv
 Arabic (العربية): ar
 Danish (Dansk): da
 Dutch (Nederlands): nl
 Filipino (Filipino): fil
 Finnish (Suomi): fi
 French (Français): fr
 German (Deutsch): de
 Italian (Italiano): it
 Bengali (বাংলা): bn
 Chinese (中文): zh-hans
 Dari (دری): prs
 Estonian (Eesti): et
 Gujarati (ગુજરાતી): gu
 Icelandic (Íslenska): is
 Japanese (日本語): ja
 Javanese (baṣa Jawa): jv
 Korean (한국어): ko
 Latvian (Latviešu): lv
 Lithuanian (Lietuvių): lt
 Norwegian (Norsk): nb
 Portuguese (Português): pt-pt
 Romanian (Română): ro
 Somali (af Soomaali): so
 Sorani (سۆرانی): ckb
 Swahili (Kiswahili): sw
 Tamil (தமிழ்): ta
 Tigrinya (ትግርኛ): ti
 Persian (فارسی): fa
 Polish (Polski): pl
 Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ): pa
 Russian (Русский): ru
 Spanish (Español): es
 Thai (ภาษาไทย): th
 Turkish (Türkçe): tr
 Ukrainian (Українська): uk
 Urdu (اردو): ur
 Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt): vi