Embed settings

Language settings
Title and label
How many levels of sub-organizations to show in the select list
Show extra information
Description and read more link
Full calendar
Image settings
To change the border color, go to the edit page for the organization and select another color. Organizations with different color help group events more clearly.
The size of the images is in pixels (px). The image will have this max size based on either width or height depending on the format of the image.
Partner Layout
Partners can have a custom layout to integrate seamlessly with their site. If so, choose it here.
Font settings
Specify the font-families for the base text. Enclose with single quotes if the name contain spaces, like this: 'Open Sans'. If you specify a Google font URL below you must list that name here too, first.
If you want to use a google font for the base text enter the font-family name above and the "Standard" URL format here, like this: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans&subset=latin,latin-ext
Widget settings
Show the events as a list on rows, or as a grid side by side where you choose how many events to show per row.
Make sure this works well with your choices for image width and widget width.
Use a popup for the extended content instead of a slide-down solution
Set total number of events to show per page in the widget between 1-100.
If this checkbox is checked the widget will show exact the number of events set in the "Number of events" field above.
Select the duration. If no selection is selected the filter is ignored and it will return all events.
iFrame settings
The iFrame is the whole widget that you will show on your site.
If you plan to use more than one Calundur widget on the same rendered page you need to use different #id for each widget.
Set this to fill the space you have available.
Change the settings above and then copy the code above and paste it into your own web page. The display is cached for 10 seconds to make it faster, so any changes on calundur.com can take up to 10 seconds to change on your page. To make the widget more useful and the information on calundur.com better, add sub organizations to structure events and select a color for each organization.